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We understand the product journey from idea validation, to hardcore technology, to acquiring customers.

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Validation and proof


Rapidly developing prototypes helps to prove (or disprove) ideas before the “real” development begins. We’ll use anything from WhatsApp to Google Sheets, to interactive wireframes.


Having the greatest idea in the world isn’t much use without understanding which technology is best suited to the product, budget and timeline. Limitation is key to innovation.

Users/customers (UX/CX)

Unpacking your business, customers, and KPIs is an essential part of understanding the best platform (web, app, voice, VR, etc) and priorities for potential users.

Development and technology


Our team consists of programmers with knowledge spanning across Ruby (and Rails), JS based frameworks (Node, React, Angular, etc), as well all kinds of relational and non relational databases.


Mobile devices introduced a “touch first” ethos; with web based SaaS and API (first) methodologies becoming almost normal, we believe it’s time to embrace VR, AR and voice based devices.


Everyone seems to have a different idea of what an MVP is. To us it’s simple. It’s the ratio of “things” that you want to prove versus the size of the budget. Everything is an MVP.

Delivery process and management


We’re big fans of the “Lean Movement” and all the pragmatism that it encompasses. There’s no right or wrong; just feedback, learning and iteration.


We’re only as strong as the weakest link in the process; so let’s identify them and be vigilant. We like to understand and flag risks in almost realtime to minimise issues,  keep momentum, and maintain predictability.


If the team, the client, and the “budget” are happy, we know that we’re on track for success. The client is always part of the team, and with centralised regular communication they feel like it too.

Product partners

Virtual CTO

One of the biggest issues most “business” based startups face is finding a CTO. We’ve been virtual CTO for a number of companies, helping with long term strategy, scaling and investor pitches.

Team hiring

We strongly believe that to succeed you will need your own technical team and to remove dependency on an external company (us). We’ll help you through the recruitment process and manage your first hires as part of our team until you’re ready to go it alone.


Running a tech team and managing product delivery is hard, which is why you came to us. A first time founder may well need help with lots of other parts of the process such as metrics, growth models, pitching, canvas/decks, etc. We’ll help.

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