We’re excited to announce our latest in-house creation Dovetail. Still in the prototyping phase, Dovetail was developed by our dedicated blockchain team.

Using multi-signature technology, Dovetail is a new breed of digital wallet that helps teams and groups of two or more people to manage joint budgets and spending with ease, security and accountability. There’s already a number of use cases for Dovetail from charity groups, startup founders, families and departmental spending.

For example, take a startup that has a few founders who want to share one account to manage their startup’s budget. Dovetail allows an easy way for them to manage spending through approvals. What we mean by approvals is, if one founder wants to spend part of their budget on new equipment for the office, that founder may need approval from their co-founders in order to spend. Dovetail allows a central place for them to manage this, wherever they are in the world.

Here’s some of Dovetail’s key offerings:

  • Collaborate – Manage joint budgets and collaborative spending with ease, security and accountability.
  • Spend – Spend in-store or online just like using a normal debit card, or transfer peer-to-peer via the app.
  • Secure – Funds are secured and always remain accessible on the public Stellar Blockchain.

We’re still in the prototyping phase, but watch this space for news on the beta release of the app. In the meantime we’re fundraising investment and forming partnerships – if you’re interested, get in touch.

If you’d like to discuss your startup or project, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

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