In 15 days,  the Supply2Gov website, which allows businesses to search for new tender notices in the public sector, will cease to exist.  In its place will be Contracts Finder on the Business Link website.

But just try finding any “live” notices on it.  The search is very clunky, the search terms unclear – and any results that do show up are all closed as the tendering process is already taking place. Oh, and by the way,  you will need to have your Government Gateway number in order to get into the system.

The Cabinet Office has (once again) made a great show of Government’s intention to be more transparent and small business orientated in the public sector tendering arena.  Even to the extent of appointing a Crown Commercial Representative, Stephen Allott. His remit is “to build a more strategic dialogue between Government and smaller suppliers”.  He is setting up  an SME panel, with the tempting invitation  to “Join the SME Panel and hold our feet to the fire on delivering this exciting package of measures.”!

Contracts Finder is still in Phase One – so now is the time to get on in there and try to influence improvements – quickly!  We would be happy to engage in user feedback. . . . ..  but  is there going to be a chance to do so?

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