Cook&Count – an app encouraging healthy home cooking – is now available on Android!


We first started working with Health Apps Ltd – the company behind Cook&Count – in June 2016 to create a new, scalable version of their existing app. The new version was released on iOS in November 2016, and enables users to find out the nutritional content in home cooking to support a wide range of medical conditions.

We are now excited to bring Cook&Count to Android users around the world.

Cook&Count started life as a carbohydrate measuring app for diabetes sufferers. When founder, Deborah Wilder’s, son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she was inspired to create a tool that would allow the family to eat healthy, home cooked meals, while watching their son’s carb intake.

Since then, Cook&Count has evolved to measure a range of nutritional information such as carbs, calories, fat, protein, sugar and fibre, so that everyone can enjoy home cooked meals that support their health.

You can download Cook&Count from the App Store and Google Play today.

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