Blogging can sometimes be hard. What’s your “Tone of voice”, “who are you talking to?”, “what am I trying to say?”, “opinion or fact”, “formal or informal?”, the list goes on and on.

Blogging is about conversations, but most blog posts (ours included) sometimes don’t feel like it. Somehow an air of formality creeps in and smoothes off the rough edges turning what can be an interesting piece into something a little more preachy or arrogant than perhaps intended.

We see it a lot.

So… Sarah and I are experimenting with recording conversations and transcribing them. We’ll pick a topic each and basically talk to ourselves, recording the ensuing madness.

We’re both going to do a post each next week and we’ll see how we go. It may well be a disaster. It may not…

Will it be obvious which posts we’ve transcribed? I think it will.


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