We are currently conducting a survey about contact managers and wanted to give you a quick update. Those surveyed are asked about the size and nature of their business, what contact manager they use and how they would rate it, and what they would like improved.

The Results so far

We have had an excellent response so far from varied businesses. Businesses with 1-5 employees currently represent 30% of our respondents with another 30% from businesses with 100+ employees. Our current statistics show that:

  • 9% rated their contact manager as 5/5
  • 29% 4/5
  • 28% 3/5
  • 20% 2/5
  • 14% 1/5

62% of people currently surveyed have therefore rated their contact manager as average or below average.

The most popular contact manager currently used by 32% of respondents is Outlook. Second is Google apps with 9%.

What would people change?

When asked what people would like their current system to do that it does not already, the top 5 results so far are as follows:

  • “Mobile” compatibility. Synchronize with mobile, auto update through mobile.
  • Integrated with Social media (namely LinkedIn)
  • Automatically synchronize with email
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Easy to search functionality

Some interesting specific requests are:

  • To be able to search with either first name or surname and even if mis-spelt find results
  • Check for duplicates
  • Make suggestions of people to add in to emails based on previous emails (tagging).

Thank you so much to everyone who has completed our short survey.  Your answers so far have enabled us to better understand contact managers and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your help!  The survey is ongoing and therefore if you have not completed it and have 30 seconds to spare please complete the following form thank you!

If you’d like to discuss your startup or project, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

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