Screenshot of Coherent dashboard

Coherent is a new SaaS application that makes running a workspace simpler than ever. By giving Members the keys to their account, Operators can focus on building their community.

Using Coherent, workspace operators can manage bookings, invoicing, payments and customer data. Members can make bookings, check availability and update their account. Unlike other, similar solutions, the beauty of Coherent lies in its simplicity. Smooth, functional and easy to use, Coherent handles complex data to make managing or booking a workspace quick and painless.

Coherent is a product of Forward Space, a shared workspace operator based in the South-West. It is intended to replace the complex and arbitrary system of spreadsheets and disparate systems and software that Forward Space noted were used by many workspace operators (themselves included).

Gavin Eddy, founder of Forward Space said:

”We opened our first workspace in 2007 and the coworking market has moved on a great deal. Coherent is designed to address the complexities of managing a large number of users sharing space and resources, whilst creating a platform through which they can connect with each other.”

Coherent is currently being tested by Forward Space and 3 local early adopters. To get early access to Coherent, sign up on their website.

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