We’re super happy to announce that Coherent have raised £132,000 on CrowdCube, £32,000 more than their original target!

We first teamed up with Coherent, a SaaS application helping shared workspace operators manage their space, bookings and resources, back in 2015.

“Raising investment from our crowd was really appealing because it enabled us to turn our target customers into investors as well” says Coherent founder Gavin Eddy. “We had a huge amount of interest from workspace operators.”

Coherent were one of 50 startups to apply for the Crowd10 initiative which offered crowdfunding support to 10 local finalists.

“We were really excited to be selected by Crowd10 as one of the ten most promising start-ups in the South West” says Gavin.

For the last 7 months, Coherent has been running in private beta with 8 co-working spaces, gathering feedback which has helped them to define future features.

Coherent will be working with Simpleweb over the coming months to prepare the product ready for a full market launch later this year.

Check it out at coherent.work.

If you want to chat about your startup or idea, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

If you’d like to discuss your startup or project, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

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