Tutorhub is an online tutoring platform founded in 2010 by Jon Ellis and investor Kevin Gibson.

Kevin and Jon noted that tutoring was one of the relatively few services that wasn’t being offered online in the UK (in spite of the success of online tutoring in the US). By taking it online, Kevin and Jon realised they could make tutoring more affordable and accessible than traditional face-to-face lessons.

“We see no reason why 25% of those looking for tutoring should not be receiving it online” says Jon Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Tutorhub. “We also foresee that lower costs will allow some students who would like tutoring but could not afford it, receive the support that they are looking for online.”

For us, the priorities are keeping our costs low and promoting the concept of online tutoring. Growing our user numbers will allow us to increase our investment in the Tutorhub platform and move us toward financial break-even.”

Simpleweb has been working with Tutorhub as a virtual tech team, providing development, advice and support. Simpleweb will continue to work with Jon and the Tutorhub team to continue moving their technology forward to create a market-leading service.

“Simpleweb have helped us in many respects” says Jon Ellis. “They have allowed us to massively improve the reliability of our online classroom, and add industry leading features such as video chat via Web RTC. They have also helped us improve our sales effectiveness, thereby meeting challenging business model targets we set for ourselves. I see Simpleweb as a valued technical business partner.”

To find out more about Tutorhub, head on over to their site now, or get in touch with Simpleweb to see what we can do for your business.

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