We’ve all tried to share the cost of a gift or a holiday with friends and family and we all know what a nightmare it can be. One person usually ends up paying for everything, trying to collect the money from the rest of the group, dealing with people who want to drop out, join in or pay a different amount.

Chippin is a startup that brings split payments to your favourite online stores, making it super simple for customers to split the cost of their purchase with whoever they like – at the point of purchase.

Chippin was founded by business consultant Charlie Curson and e-commerce entrepreneur Toby Rhodes in 2015.

The idea came about when Charlie and Toby discovered that one of the most common areas of frustration around gifting was in how the cost of a gift could be shared fairly and easily between a group of friends.

“The instigator [the person arranging the shared purchase] often can’t help themselves but be the instigator – maybe it’s the controller in them, the natural organiser” says Charlie. “But they are normally left out of pocket, certainly short on time and they often end up carrying the can of the liability for everyone else… And from a contributor point of view, it’s not uncommon for people to pull out, change their mind, or say ‘I’m not sure about £50, but I’d happily give £25’ – which creates further work for the instigator. That’s where the concept for Chippin was born.”

Watch this space to stay up to date with Chippin’s progress of visit chippin.co.uk to find out more and get involved.

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