We’ve recently started Cakes for Charity at Simpleweb HQ. A few times a week, a member of the Simpleweb team makes a cake, and we each make a small donation to that month’s chosen charity for every slice we take. This is open to guests so if you do drop in and fancy a slice of cake, just make sure you bring a pound or two!

We raised £120 for last month’s charity, The Lullaby Trust who are doing awesome work to prevent sudden infant death syndrome.

This month, we’ll be backing the RSPCA as chosen by Simpleweb developer Karl and product manager Dave. As a team of animal lovers (you might have met Mark’s dog, Libby, if you’ve ever visited our office), it’s certainly a cause we can all get behind.

“I am in the process of adopting a new member for the family and have been very impressed with the RSPCA” said Karl, whose new cat, Suki, is now settled in. “ The staff are really friendly and hopefully our donation can help more dogs / cats / ferrets / rabbits find a loving home.”

“Animals are intrinsically linked to the human way of life, but can suffer from the less desirable traits of human nature” said Dave. “Animals are not lesser beings than people, but in the face of human cruelty, animals have very little defence. The RSPCA respects the basic rights of animals. This deserves unequivocal support.”

Here, here.

There’s loads of ways you can get involved with the RSPCA. Find out how you can support them here.

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