Simpleweb built Zeetta Networks and Colt Technology Services a proof of concept (poc) blockchain-based marketplace using IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric to demonstrate how network carriers could buy and sell services in a distributed marketplace. The poc was shown at the Metro Ethernet Forum 2018 (MEF18).

“Combining Simpleweb’s knowledge of blockchain and their engineering mindset made them the perfect tech partner to build a proof of concept using Hyperledger. We showcased the proof of concept at global communications conference MEF18” – Vassilis Seferidis, Co-founder of Zeetta Networks 

A proof of concept

Zeetta Networks and partner Colt Technology Services, a multinational telecommunications company, asked us to create a blockchain-based PoC that would show network carriers that they can lower the cost of business-to-business transactions by buying and selling their services in a distributed marketplace.

Using IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric

This was our first opportunity to use IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric, a currency-free blockchain technology. We held a workshop and discovery sprint with Zeetta and Colt to map out the demo and research the technology involved to design an application ready for MEF ‘18.

Regarded as an eBay for carriers during the demonstration at MEF ‘18, members of the Zeetta team could take delegates through transactions as if they were live. The demonstration showed how network carriers can buy and sell services in a secure and distributed marketplace. The PoC uses MEF’s Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Sonata API to enable transactions across the blockchain-based marketplace.

“With the rise of 5G networks and the requirements for low latency and high bandwidth applications, automation of business-to-business interaction is required for the optimum utilisation and monetisation of network capabilities. This goes beyond the traditional VPN connectivity offered today by incorporating network virtualisation and slicing.” – Vassilis Seferidis, Co-founder of Zeetta Networks 

We developed the PoC in the scope of MEF’s Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Sonata to show that blockchain can increase the adoption of the specification that MEF has developed so far.

Zeetta Networks NetOS® is a network and management software platform that automates Network Operations (NetOps).

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