Simpleweb developed Space for Art’s existing booking platform, to improve functionality for professionals to find, browse and book studio spaces and provide space owners with a place to list and manage their spaces.

“Once we met the Simpleweb team, it was clear that their creativity, process discipline, combined with their detailed dive into our business thinking and understanding of our priorities made them an ideal partner” Van Gothner, Co-founder, Space for Arts 

Building out an MVP

When Van Gothner and Betsy Davison approached us they already had tested the market with a working MVP but became limited with their existing platform. In order for Van and Betsy to add unique features and custom functionality to their existing platform, we had to build a new version of the Space for Arts platform.

A place to rent & list studio spaces

The team built the new booking platform, optimised for mobile, allowing photo and video production professionals and studio owners access to the platform on the move.

Professionals can search, browse, book and reserve studio spaces across the world, or close to their location. These users can search based on a wide range of variables including; measurement of space, lighting, price and access.

Elasticsearch lets production professionals search a studio space based on a wide range of variables including; measurement of space, lighting, price and access.

Studio owners can list their interesting spaces with the ability to add a wide range of attributes including for example how much natural light is available.

Along with an in-built calendar that studio owners can manage their bookings and reservations, we also developed an industry first holding and reservation mechanic which is patent pending.

Space for Arts is a global marketplace for photo & video production professionals who need to book production spaces across a range of budget and creative constraints.

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