Open Bionics is a robotics company that creates 3D-printed bionic limbs for amputees and researchers. Simpleweb built a content-focused website, prosthetists portal, and eCommerce store for the promotion, build and sale of the world’s first customisable 3D-printed bionic arms – the ‘Hero Arm’.



A prosthetists’ portal

The team built a portal for prosthetists to use when in consultation with Open Bionic’s customers. The portal lets prosthetists record the customer’s details and measurements which can then be submitted to the Open Bionic’s team ready for the arm to be printed.

“Simpleweb has done an awesome job and the finished website is looking really great. We’ve already had loads of positive feedback and I’m looking forward to hearing more from people on the customiser”Joel Gibbard, Co-founder, Open Bionics

An eCommerce store and customiser

The team built an eCommerce store using Solidus – an open-source framework for building online stores that we custom-configured to meet Open Bionics’ needs.

Customers can browse ‘covers’ for their hero arms and in real-time create personalised prosthetics with different colours, images and patterns. Using the store customers can buy relevant parts and retrospectively add or alter an existing arm at a later date.