Simpleweb worked with Lawyers on Demand (LOD) to build Spoke, an online legal matchmaking marketplace that connects clients with the right lawyers for the job.


“We chose Simpleweb as we felt they were a different type of agency. They weren’t a build it and run type, they wanted to build it with a vision of the future and that was what appealed to us. Simpleweb have understood the bigger picture and understand about defining, creating and handing over a product that would have a story and a life of its own.” Simon Harper, Co-Founder, Lawyers on Demand

Matching lawyers to specific needs on demand

When Simon Harper, co-founder of LOD, approached the Simpleweb team he challenged us to create a matchmaking platform that would connect clients with the appropriate specialist lawyers. Simon wanted this digital platform to help them replicate and automate LOD’s processes, opening up their model to new lawyers and clients.

Meet Spoke

Spoke is a web-based application that allows businesses and individuals to search a pool of lawyers by experience, price, sector speciality, and practice skills.

Spoke has been described as Airbnb for lawyers and Tinder law in the press.

“The so-called ‘gig economy’ has allowed lawyers and legal teams to have flexibility and control over how they work and Spoke signals another stage in the new law evolution. The big law firm was one way for lawyers to work that grew out of the twentieth century. Spoke is about harnessing what the 21st century has to offer.”Simon Harper, Co-Founder, Lawyers on Demand

Over 2,400 attempted to sign-up to the service pre-launch, including over 50 corporates, including law firms, banks and hedge funds. Commercial & technology lawyers are most readily available, with 303 listed individuals. The site also offered 114 dispute resolution lawyers, 108 real estate lawyers and 108 corporate lawyers from day one.


Lawyers on Demand (LOD) is a global legal resourcing business created by law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP and a merger with AdventBalance in Asia Pacific. It uses a non-traditional freelance model to provide services to organisations requiring legal support.

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