Giki (Giki Badges) is a data platform that uses a mobile application to inform people of the impact of UK supermarket products. Simpleweb designed and developed the data platform and mobile application from an initial MVP to a version released on iOS and Android.

An app to empower consumers

The idea for Giki was inspired by husband and wife co-founders Joanna and James Hand and their own experiences of trying to buy products that fit their values. When they came to us they had the vision to create a product that would empower consumers to make informed decisions about the products they buy.

“Working with Simpleweb was productive, collaborative and enjoyable. Not only did they have the skills Giki needed but their attitude was great. It always felt like we were going to solve the problems that any technology project invariably presents” – James Hand, Co-founder, Giki

Building an MVP

Simpleweb spent the next three months building an MVP which allowed users to scan supermarket products for sustainability information and to find alternatives more in line with their values.

Using the product data from the Brandbank API as a starting point, the system constantly enriches the consumer data. We then parse and normalise the data to generate scores based on Giki’s value system.

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