After thoroughly washing up this morning I still managed to find a spoon at the bottom of the bowl once I’d drained the water away. There’s always at least one bloody tea spoon left. Always.

This last spoon also appears in development… When we’ve “finished” a sprint or even a whole project. It’s time to go spoon hunting. Those little bastard spoons hiding in the Fairy Liquid. Sometimes they’re obvious sometimes it takes some digging or looking at things differently than you would normally.

These spoons aren’t bugs, they’re the little things that make a big difference, whether UI, UX, feature tweaking, removing or adding. The hovers on a button “feel wrong”, “this image isn’t pixel perfect”, etc.

We’ve adopted the spoon metaphor and come to love it. We create spoon lists on a regular basis now. I think it originated from @iamkeir and since then we’ve fully embraced it as term for the final 10-20% of a project.

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