We’re really excited to announce that Simpleweb is growing! We’ve opened a second studio that’s set to start solving some of the most complex and fascinating problems relating to blockchain technology, distributed ledgers, and decentralised applications.

Our early-adoption and expertise in this area has enabled us to build on key relationships with universities, serial entrepreneurs, investors and global corporates.

Having the new studio in place will enable us to leverage these connections and turn our problem-solving into pioneering spin-out businesses with incentivised management teams and compatible investors.

We’re at the forefront of this exciting new technology and are building on the community surrounding it. We’re engaging in continuous collaboration and knowledge-sharing both internally, with the existing blockchain tech community, and externally, providing solutions that will benefit both the public and private sector.

With our existing in-house specialist knowledge, we’ve already built a decentralised-app backed by blockchain tech for global transportation ecosystem DOVU, and are currently researching and developing tools and projects that will have a meaningful impact on the world.

Our fast-growing team, which includes Simpleweb’s CTO Tom Holder, COO James Guest and Community Manager Andy Baker, means we will soon house one of the largest blockchain-tech teams in the country.

Tom says: “We’re building a highly-skilled team in Bristol and remotely and are really excited for what the future will bring for our new studio, and the potential for the development of game-changing applications based on blockchain technology.”

Watch this space for further updates on Studio Block. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter here: @Simpleweb or by signing up for the Simpleweb newsletter.

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