One of Simpleweb’s startup companies Tap, the new service that gives back citizens control of their data, has announced the official release of the public app since its beta launch in October 2018.

Simpleweb’s development, product and marketing team created and developed the privacy startup consisting of a mobile app, ‘Tapmydata’, which helps people find out what organisations hold their personal data, make a SAR (Subject Access Request) and hold their personal data securely in a data ‘wallet’.

Tapmydata mobile app

Companies are required by regulatory frameworks such as the GDPR to respond to these requests and Tap gives them a web platform to handle these securely, at scale. A record of these data ‘transactions’ are then stored on the Stellar public blockchain. Users are rewarded with tokens that can be spent on our “F**k Zuck” merch which is proving very popular.

The Tap team has steadily grown with Simpleweb’s Tom Holder becoming full-time CTO, privacy technologist Gilbert Hill as full-time CEO, tech policy and regulation specialist Heather Burns and Chris Combemale, CEO of the Direct Marketing Association, on an advisory basis.

Gilbert Hill, CEO at Tap, says: “GDPR started a movement which grows daily with every privacy scandal that surfaces – towards proper regulation of digital marketing and data activism from concerned citizens.

“Tap is a unique example of how you can build tech on blockchain with privacy baked in, and a tool for us all to take control of our digital lives. I’m excited to be helping reset this relationship as part of the Tap team.”

Tap is expanding to cover further GDPR rights in 2019 as part of a strategy to be a well-known consumer privacy brand, and player in the ‘data wallet’ and ‘self-sovereign’ market. Learn more about Tap at and keep up to date via Twitter.

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