We’re pleased to announce we’ll be hosting our second blockchain workshop at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) on the 2nd May delivering to a mixture of staff, students and business people connected to the University.

Having hosted our first workshop at PwC last month, we’re pleased to host our second at a modern and well-renowned university so we can help promote research in this area and get people thinking about the exciting business potential for blockchain technology.

“The workshop compliments our digital business research”

Glenn Parry Professor of Strategy and Operations Management at UWE Bristol says: “I’m very excited that our friends at Simpleweb Studio Block will be delivering an introductory workshop on Blockchain here at UWE.

“We have students, staff and firms attending to learn and think about how this new technology works and may be used in their current and future businesses. The workshop also compliments our digital business research including the British Academy funded project ‘Blockchain for Good’, which encourages innovation with positive impact for society, and the EPSRC-funded Hub of All Things, a personal data platform putting the individual in control of their data.”

If you’d like to learn more about the workshop then stay-tuned for updates on the Simpleweb Twitter page.

If you want to chat more about delivering a blockchain workshop or want us to come into your organisation, drop us a line: www.simpleweb.co.uk/contactus.

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