Congratulations to Adam who impressed the crowd at Reasons To Be Creative conference earlier this year with his elevator pitch on hardware hacking. His talk has been voted one of the top 3 elevator talks out of 20 that were given on the day. The top 3 have been invited back to give full talk at next year’s conference. Great job Adam!

Adam’s always hacking away on cool stuff. From setting up his coffee machine so that he can make a coffee from his watch, to rigging an M&Ms machine to give the team M&Ms when features get shipped, we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff from Adam over the years. He talked about some of the hacks in his talk which you can watch here.

Alongside the other winners, Martin Hollywood and Phil Weyman, Adam will return to Reasons to Be Creative next September as a main speaker to give a talk about other cool stuff he’s been working on. We recommend you get a ticket when you can – it’s going to be awesome!

Can’t wait until next year? Catch Adam at Bristech Conference on October 15th.

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