In 2017, crowdfunding agency, IdeaSquares has helped 25 companies raise almost £10m and are in the process of supporting 40 more companies from across Europe to raise investment in Q1 of 2018 alone!

IdeaSquares has been gradually expanding their team, including bringing in marketing and PR expertise in order to widen the range of services available to their crowdfunding clients.

Until recently, IdeaSquares has focused mainly on equity-based crowdfunding with their partners Seedrs and Crowdcube. They have recently started helping companies raise rewards based crowdfunding and are hoping to announce a new partnership in early 2018.

In 2018, IdeaSquares will be trying to help as many companies and projects as possible raise the funding they need. This means providing more automated tools, a wider range of support and exploring new financial markets. We’ll keep you updated here!

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