Shared payments platform Chippin was released in late 2016 and this year, the platform has been integrated into 15 online stores. With Chippin, you can split the cost of online purchases, meaning everyone can ‘chip in’, and no one gets stuck with the bill!

The retailers currently using Chippin are seeing great benefits already, with one user saying:

“Chippin helped solve a problem I didn’t realise I had – I now offer my customers something new and useful, whilst generating more income”

Earlier this year, General Assembly, a global pioneer in education and career transformation, shortlisted and selected Chippin for their student’s final year UX Design Immersive. A team of final year students put Chippin through a sprint, focusing on educating users and building trust in the process. Chippin are currently working through the recommendations.

Chippin currently integrates with Magento, Shopify, Prestashop and WooCommerce. Next year, Chippin is focusing on growth and expanding into different sectors as well as building on their existing product based on user feedback. Watch this space!

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