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Quality means doing it right when nobody's looking Henry Ford

It’s not just about technology

We’ve designed, built, and operated SaaS and mobile products since 2007.

Developing a web or mobile application is more than just technology; it takes a combination of strategy, vision, expertise, hard work and creativity.

It’s about people working together to make something amazing.

We invest in great startups

We make small seed investments. We’re not a fund but when we spot a great team, with a great idea, we like to get involved if we can.

We provide everything from help with customer acquisition, development, infrastructure, hiring and managing a tech team and virtual CTO services. We even help with business plans.

If you have a prototype or you’re looking for a partner and you’d like to discuss investment, please contact Mark.

Recent investments include:

Do as we do

We’re so passionate about creating products, we do it for fun too. Our team has made some great things.


We love to learn and share our knowledge with others. Here are some of the regular events we’re involved with.