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Optimisation Tactics

Optimisation is a core element in building any successful product regardless of whether its a website, an app or even a game. But optimisation isn’t…

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Changing our Git Workflow

March 27, 2012 , , , ,

We’ve been using Git for quite a while now. We don’t have a single SVN repository. This makes for happy developers! For a while we’ve…

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User stories, luvvies and conveying project scope

March 23, 2012 , ,

We get sent a lot of ideas for apps; mobile and web based. Sometimes we get the most amazingly detailed documents that give us a…

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The Agile Manifesto

February 15, 2012 ,

The following is from the Manifesto for Agile Software Development it’s fair to say that we do our best to follow this for most of our…

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FaceJam – a web toy for parties, conferences and networking

November 11, 2011 , , ,

We’ve just put up the first version of Face Jam. A really simple online tool that once “connected” stops you from forgetting all of the…

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Social media, riots, politicians and humour

You’ve heard the politicians going on about Twitter and Facebook and the riots? You’d have to be living in a serious hole or must have…

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A little monkey love

We all like cakes. We all like a bit of love. So when a mysterious box arrived at the office on Friday from a client…

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Things to consider when putting a website live!

July 12, 2011 , ,

There’s no shortage of help out on the web for building websites, but, what about once you’ve built your site? It has to be made…

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